When trial lawyers do foreign policy

Washington Times
June 24, 2014
Edward Gnehm, former

U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences are both unanticipated and potentially disastrous. This may be the case as the result of a recent federal court ruling that could have profound repercussions. Jordan is one of America’s few Middle Eastern friends and allies. Now only the Supreme Court can prevent the disaster.

The problem the court would have to grapple with arises from a ruling in a decade-old mass tort case awaiting trial in New York. The case is Arab Bank v. Linde, which stems from the mass tort charge that the Jordanian bank “knowingly and purposefully” maintained accounts and processed transactions for organizations and individual affiliated with terrorists in the Middle East. On June 26, the justices will meet to pick appeals to hear in the coming term. They should put Arab Bank v. Linde at the top of their list.

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