Trial Challenges Bank’s Liability in Terrorist Acts

New York Law Journal
August 11, 2014
Andrew Keshner

More than 5,000 miles from the war-torn Middle East, a Brooklyn federal courtroom this week will be the scene of an unprecedented trial testing a multibillion dollar bank’s liability for allegedly offering material support to Hamas through its financial services.

Though a number of similar cases are pending or have been disposed, the high stakes Eastern District case, Linde v. Arab Bank, 04-CV-2799, is thought to be the first time jurors will weigh whether a financial institution should be held accountable for supporting terrorists under civil provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

After 10 years of hard-fought litigation and one trip to the U.S. Supreme Court, jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday before Judge Brian Cogan for a trial that is expected to last at least three weeks.

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